Friday, January 08, 2010

Harry Comes Of Age At 75

WOW! What a night of exciting entertainment, burn the floor dancing, association with friends and new friends, and onolicious entries. But before I go into the main show, I gotta welcome the birthday boy to the Three Quarter Century Club since I'm his senior by a (ahem)year or (ahem) so just as long as Harry Martinucci will keep in mind the motto of the makule guys as the journey to 100 gets a little closer...."There May Be Snow On The Roof But There's Still A Lot Of Fire In The Basement".

Lani and I were invited to Harry's birthday celebration at the Elks Club in Waikiki hosted by his wife Maryann and children Steven and Jean this past Wednesday. A lot of Harry and Maryann's friends were in attendance.

And the Entertainer's Entertainer Augie Rey with multi-talented musicians Bobby King on guitar, and Dennis Graue on keyboard provided rich entertainment and danceable dancing music. So enticing was the first Rumba music, that Lani and I were drawn to the dance floor. Others were drawn to the dance floor when the good old Swing music echoed throughout the room.

Harry and Maryann got the floor heated up for others to join them in the Swing. Then the Cha Cha Cha brought the next wave of dancers to the floor. During the whole evening, Augie got everyone involved with the entertainment singing and dancing.

What a beautiful singing voice Maryann has as she sang a love song to Harry accompanied by her talented son Steven on the guitar. Augie commented that she should be on "American Idol".

The talent didn't stop there. Daughter Jean belted out "Route 66" with Augie that wowed the audience as much as her mom's singing.

Augie did a little "Satchamo" interpretation. It was terrifico! Then the microphone was handed to each guest to say a joke. There were a few but most everyone wished Harry a Happy Birthday and more to come.

More dancing followed.....the Electric Slide, slow dancing, and even the Conga Line Dance. But Swing, Rumba, and Cha Cha were the favorite dances including free style disco. Got my share of dancing with the ladies (Lani, Tiare, Yvonne) on my table and with MaryAnn, Jean, Stacy (Steven's main squeeze), and a young cutie who danced a mixture of swing and free style disco.
It was a very enjoyable night of great entertainment, guests participation, and hot, hot dancing that moves the soul.