Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Smashing Hit @Dance Aliamanu 1st Anniversary & Charity Ball

Some say "Practice makes Perfect". And I believe all dancers agree with that axiom but I gotta add "Expect the Unexpected". The encore dress rehearsal from 4 to 5:30 PM at the Pacific Beach Hotel was just the last ride to perfecting the dance showcase that was about to come later in the evening. I think the practice went smoothly but if the unexpected can happen to Professional dancers, it can most likely happen to non-professional dancers performing in a showcase.....something like the lady's heel getting caught in the hem of her skirt. Okay, if you were at the "Ball", you'd know what I mean.

Doors were opened at 5:30 and general dancing filled the foor almost immediately. Who could deny the upbeat music of our DJ Michael Chinen, whose selection of dancing music hits the top of the chart. Our MCs for the evening were tops, dull presentations. I guess you can call it "commando" since their presentation kept everyone on their toes. Maybe being a Circuit Court Judge, and being in Marketing and Sales have a lot to do with knowing what can hold the audience interest. All three personalities did an excellent job on the front line.

I won't go into the food stuff since every dancer who has visited the Pacific Beach Hotel for dance showcases knows what kind of ono spread awaits them. But I gotta mention that Dance Aliamanu did not skimp, not by a long shot. Too much entries for such a short time for performing dancers to savor before the show. For starters, Kim Anderson sang a prayer, Invocation by Cheryl Chong. Then after dinner, Dance Aliamanu President Maurice Morita gave a "Welcome Address". Introduction of Celebrities and VIPs, and Special Guests (various dance club officers, and professional dance studio owners) followed.

It was SHOWTIME with first introducing all of Dance Aliamanu team of instructors. Dance Aliamanu Instructors' Tango Dance variations was first on the agenda as eight couples danced the American Tango, Argentine Tango, Filipino Tango, and the International Tango to the same music. (Sorry no photos since Lani and I were one of the couples in this number. Maybe some camera person will send me one for this blog). After the Tango, Kim Anderson sang a powerful rendition of "Don't Rain On My Parade".

Part 1 continued with Dance Aliamanu's American Rumba & Cha Cha Medley with nine couples dancing in unison to a slow tempo Rumba then picking up the speed of the Cha Cha.

The visiting Kauai Ballroom Dance Club followed with the American Waltz. A well choreographed dance featuring five couples from the Lihue Chapter. They are a welcome sight and a good addition to this Showcase.

Ending Part 1 was Dance Aliamanu's Jive & Quickstep Medley featuring six couples dancing some fancy and fast footwork. Great job by the choreographers.

General dancing during the intermission and President Maurice Morita took the opportunity to donate proceeds from the ticket sales to the five schools that opened their doors for Dance Aliamanu to hold dance classes and social dancing. Awards were also given to honor dance instructors and officers who volunteered their time to progress Dance Aliamanu in the direction and position the organization is today.

The Celebrities Showcase started with Melveen Leed dancing the International Cha Cha with Richard Nakamura. "Da Tita" was in full showmanship form as she wowed the audience with her entertaining mastery.

Pretty Liana Green Wright & Robert Hirayasu danced the right stuff in keeping up with the upbeat tempo. Dancing Mambo #5 showed her high energy limits which is unlimited.

Michele Choy, the only VIP in this showcase, danced a smooth Night Club 2 Step with Cullen Chong. She performed like a well disciplined student of dance as she followed Cullen gracefully around the floor.

Micah Banks, the only male Celebrity, in this showcase danced the International Jive with Jill Tengan. It was an entertaining performance with Micah interacting with a "I love to dance" girl. Good script.

Kim Anderson, singer, actress, and now showcase dancer. What else can I say about this volatile pretty young lady with multi-talent who danced with Joshua Manzano the International Rumba. (Wish I had a better pix of Kim).

Concluding Part 2 was Kehaulani Christian dancing the International Quickstep with Richard Nakamura. Kehaulani danced a sultry number before getting into a closed hold with Richard. This pretty young lady also showed that she can keep up with Richard's speed on the Quickstep.

General dancing continued till 11:30PM. And that's a wrap of a successful Anniversary Showcase for Dance Aliamanu, thanks to President Maurice Morita, the Dance Aliamanu officers, the volunteers of the event who did the setup at the hotel ballroom, the ticket sales committee and reception desk ladies, the dance instructors and dancers, the choreographers, the VIP/Celebrities, Mike the music player, the MCs, especially to Richard & Lynn Nakamura who were the guiding spear for this wonderful 1st Anniversary Ball, and to the 430 guests/dancers who came to celebrate and enjoy this smashing hit event.