Monday, January 11, 2010

Rehearsal @Radford High School

It's been a long number of years since Lani and I participated in group dance routines or solo dance exhibitions. So gearing up for the Dance Aliamanu 1st Anniversary & Charity Ball took big time effort at least for me to get into the rhythm of the Tango group routine. For Lani, it's no pressure since all she has to do is follow my lead and apply her styling which she does very well.

Well, everyone showed up for the rehearsal...the MCs, the music player, the VIPs and Celebrities, the singer, the dance instructors, and all the dancers of the various group routines and solo exhibitions. Each group rehearsed at least three times and their performances got better and better each time. The rehearsal was very well organized without any hitch, thanks to the hard work by Richard and Lynn Nakamura. There's one final rehearsal at the Pacific Beach Hotel then it's SHOWTIME.

Not sure if there are anymore tickets available for the Anniversary & Charity Ball since 400 tickets have already been sold but no harm in checking with Maurice at (cell) 225-0326 if more tables have been added for this event.